Vikki Ruttle

Associate Product Manager at DIGIT Games Studio

I am a devoted, hard working and extremely passionate member of DIGIT Game Studios. I entered DIGIT through QA and learnt an incredible amount over 8 months. I was given the opportunity to perform roles such as Scrummaster and Focus Group Moderator outside of my QA tasks. Following this, I was presented with the chance to trial as a Feature (Product) Owner.

Having excelled at this trial, I became a full time Feature Owner, managing two teams and their features, in July 2017. My job is to ensure we meet the utmost in quality in preparation for world wide release of our unannounced AAA second title. Before my position at DIGIT, I was pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design at DIT. I have worked on games from concept to completion having developed several short games over the past few years which are hosted online at and can also be found on my website at

I have an insatiable love for technology, music, movies and video games in particular. I spend every waking hour reading, playing and learning about the video game and technology industry. I have worked within the games retail sector for several years thus extending my knowledge and educating others about games. My aim is to immerse myself in the industry and I plan to secure a lifelong career in game development.