Steven Collins

Co-founder of Havok and Partner of Frontline Ventures

Steve is a partner with Frontline Ventures in London, a B2B focused venture fund investing in pre-seed and seed stage software companies.  Steve brings nearly two decades of tech strategy and product development experience as a founder and CTO of three software companies.

Steve was previously the founder and CTO of Havok, the leading physics and animation middleware company for console game development, Kore, the developer of the Kore Virtual Machine, an optimised Lua script compatible execution environment and most recently Swrve, the mobile marketing automation platform used by some of the world’s leading brands including Disney, Conde Nast and Ryanair. In 2007 he founded TCD’s new MSc program in computer game technology. Previously he founded the TCD computer graphics research group, and led funded research programs in computer graphics and simulation. Earlier still he worked on scientific visualization software for Hitachi Research Labs in Tokyo and also developed a number of Commodore 64 games in the late eighties. Steve holds a PhD in computer graphics.