Philip Bourke

Lecturer of Computer Games Developement for Carlow IT

Philip Bourke is a Lecturer in Computer Games Development with Institute of Technology Carlow. Philip has over 29 year’s industry experience in development, working with international organisations.

He has spoken at numerous conferences including UAE Challenges Conference, Games:EDU Develop Conference, IMTC Conference, XNA Fest and Exploring ICT in Education Conference, Microsoft Meetup: Commanding MVC in VR. He has delivered workshops on diverse topics including Making maths fun with robots during the Exploring ICT in Education Conference ’14, Doha, Qatar and a workshop on Classic Game Design Principles Applied to Virtual Reality Mobile Games at CCI 4: Computer and Mobile Game Design as part of the World Congress of Cultural & Creative IT Industries ’14, Dalian, China. Recently Philip gave workshops to hundreds of games development enthusiast on 8-Bit Games Development @ 8-Bit Conference, and building a custom Virtual Reality Engine at PlayersXpo and GXI. He is also a member of the European Conference on Games Based Learning committee.

He is an advocate for the adoption and use of technology in education and has organised a number of conferences, seminars and events to encourage educators to explore pedagogy through technology. He is also a STEM Ambassador, promoting science, technology, engineering and maths at science events such as Northern Ireland Young Innovators, Science Week and Engineers Week.

Philip founded the national computer games console programming festival, Games Fleadh, which included games design and programming events such as DirectX Ireland Challenge, Robocode Ireland, and Games Studio Ireland Challenge. Games Fleadh celebrated the thirtieth anniversaries for classics including SPACE INVADERS © Taito Corporation 1978, 2018, Asteroids © Atari Interactive Inc. 1979, 2018, PAC-MAN © Namco-Bandai Games Inc. 1980, 2018, Frogger © Konami Digital Entertainment 1981, 2018 and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy © Douglas Adams and The Digital Village 1984, 2018. Each of these events was officially licenced by the respective publisher, allowing students showcase reimaged and reinvented remakes of the classics to games industry specialists.

Philip’s game design skills won him Nokia’s N-Gage Challenge mobile game design contest. He received a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

An honours computer science graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, he also holds a Masters in Software Engineering from Maynooth University. Philip’s current research interests include biometric human computer interaction with digital games and he is currently pursuing a PhD at University College Cork.