Ed Perkins

Head of Production for Square Enix

Prior to games I was a project manager at BBC across various tech, web and video projects for both Future Media & Technology and Audio & Music Interactive.

Knowing I wanted to get into the games industry but ignoring the advice to go the QA route, I blagged my way into a games industry event with a fake business card to find another way in.  I spent the evening networking my way around the bar and ended up talking to the Director of Comms at Codies who landed me an interview at the Guildford studio; a few weeks later I got the role of Associate Producer.

Following that studio closure I did a short stint at Climax games then went to Mind Candy to work on Moshi Monsters and other franchises.  Wanting to get a deeper experience of mobile, I then joined NaturalMotion to oversee the Production, QA and Submission & Release teams, eventually moving full time into running one game team full time.  Following various structural changes there, I wanted to dig back into AAA so joined Splash Damage to work on a couple of unannounced projects before getting the call for a new role and team at Square Enix.  Being a company I’ve admired for a long, long time I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get stuck into something new and exciting here