Cormac Ó Conaire

Creative Director for Design Partners

Cormac Ó Conaire is Creative Director at Design Partners, a strategic product and interaction design consultancy.

For over a decade Cormac has been leading design initiatives and collaborating with global brands to create world best-selling and award-winning products, such as gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, controllers and their user interfaces.

Cormac’s experiences working with companies such as Alienware, Logitech G, Google, Huawei, Pansonic and HP have enabled him to lead and inspire global teams in driving innovation and new product development. His approach is innately multi-disciplinary and has been recognized with international accolades in industrial, interaction, digital and strategic design. Awards include iF, RedDot, IDA Gold, IDSA, Good Design Chicago and CES Best of Innovations.


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